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Aaron Rodgers Officially Introduced as the Jets Quarterback

Aaron Rodgers introduced as the next Jets quarterback on Wednesday. (Via

As of Wednesday, the New York Jets have a new quarterback.

Aaron Rodgers has been officially put as the quarterback for the New York Jets. The trade officially went through right before his press conference on Wednesday.

Rodgers talked to the media and if there is one thing that stands out is he looked calm and did not stop smiling.

"It's gonna be an exciting journey, just to be a part of that is amazing. To be part of getting this team back to where it deserves would be legendary. That's what I think what we all want to be about, is legendary things," Aaron Rodgers told the media.

He also put some ease to many people's mind on how he will be for the "foreseeable future." Rodgers is obviously going to take a day at a time as he repeatedly said but he also stated, "this isn't a one and done in my mind. This is a commitment."

The Jets have talent. Now they have the captain to lead the charge in Aaron Rodgers, one of the best to ever play the game. General manager Joe Douglas calls this a "fresh start" for this team.

Team is amped. Fans are amped. Media is amped.

It's showtime in New York!

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