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Robert Saleh is the Right Man For the Job

Photo by Matthew J. Lee/The Boston Globe via Getty Images

The New York Jets came off the bye week with a dud performance against the Patriots in Foxboro this past Sunday as the lost 10-3.

Well, the defense was not a complete dud but the offense looked non existing and there is a lot of concern with the race for the playoffs amps up.

While the Jets defense was all over the field on Sunday, the Jets offense just looked abysmal and the quarterback play by Zach Wilson was concerning. Wilson finishing just 9 of 22 for 77 yards against New England put a lot of people on edge because it simply was not pretty to watch.

So are the Jets going to take action here and bench Wilson?

Well, Robert Saleh after the game on Sunday was defending him but on Monday it changed a little. He told the media that he is not naming the quarterback until they watch film and that is the right move.

The Jets have had a lot of bad games in this decade and beyond and this performance was at the top of being god awful. The offense looked out of sorts and they couldn't get anything going.

It's safe to say Saleh wasn't pleased with the offense's performance during the 10-3 loss to the Patriots. He said the unit played like "dog s--t" in the second half and was also asked if Wilson was holding everyone back..... I don't know," Saleh said. "We couldn't run the ball, either. So, there's a lot of things we need to look at to see if we can find efficiency in the offense. It's not about pointing fingers at any one individual or one unit or one anything. It's just finding the answers so we can start moving the ball."

Maybe the Jets don't bench Zach Wilson but if this performance continues don't be afraid to bench him. They're going up against a top three worst defense in the league on Sunday in the Chicago Bears. They need to find a way to get going and they should make necessary changes as needed.

One thing fans are not too down on the Jets is because of Robert Saleh. Saleh has made the Jets defense a top 5 defense in the league and has kept the team in check. He became vocal about the team and seems like he will make adjust when needed.

“Not right now, not until I’m done evaluating everything,” Saleh told reporters when asked if he’s committing to Wilson as the team’s starter this Sunday, per team-provided video. “I’ve got to be able to sit back — I think we all have got to be able to sit back and just look at what’s best for this organization and this team. It’s not all about the quarterback. I want to be very, very clear. It’s not all about the quarterback. There’s a lot of things that we can do better as coaches, a lot of things that the O-line needs to do better, receivers, running backs, tight ends, play-caller, defense, everybody, special teams. I get it when everyone looks at the quarterback and just wants to throw everything on him. It’s not always about the quarterback. …”

Well, there is a lot of decisions to be made, especially at the quarterback position. However, the trust is there in Robert Saleh to make the right decision.

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