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Take off Zach Wilson's Training Wheels

Zach Wilson vs Dolphins (Via

With Zach Wilson missing the beginning of the season, he has been 4-0 so far this season but there has been a lot of questions on his play.

Yes, he didn't look good but hitting the panic button might be a bit harsh just yet.

With the Jets offense relying on the run game this season, he hasn't really thrown the ball as much as we thought he would. He has had some worry-some reps but seems like he is running for his life. This past week, the Jets lost their best player in Alijah Vera-Tucker due to injury that will require surgery and end his season. They also lost their breakout star in Breece Hall. Somehow, the Jets survived and won the game in Denver to improve to 5-2 on the season.

Now, we didn't see much of Wilson throwing the ball but maybe it is time for the training wheels to come off and let Wilson rip the ball a bit more. They need to get him going, even with the addition of James Robinson earlier this week. Now, we can't totally blame the play calls and coaching because Wilson has gotta hit his throws. He’s got to make the throws confidently no matter what, because that’s what the quarterback position is all about: knowing where to go with the football accurately within your team’s scheme and strategy.

Yes we see flashes from Wilson and that's probably why he isn't totally out of the Jets minds right now but it's simple: Jets need more out of him and needs to happen now.

He will have a lot more pressure on him with arguably the two best players on this football team are sideline for the rest of the season but he needs to find a way to get going. It seems like he overthinks the throws and constantly trying to do too much.

Wilson has just one strong quarter of quarterback play. His most impressive performance came in the fourth quarter against the Pittsburgh Steelers when he helped the Jets win. During those 15 minutes, he was excellent: 10-of-12 for 128 yards and a touchdown. Since than, very minimal production by Wilson.

Here is a passing chart of Zach Wilson from this Sunday's win against the Broncos:

Well you'll say he is playing the great Broncos defense but if you believe he is your guy, you need to let him get more comfortable and let him play. He will make mistakes but he needs to learn and the team needs to find out if he is your guy for the future.

"It's why he's a No. 2 pick, that's why we're excited about his future, but at the same time, he does have to learn when enough is enough," coach Robert Saleh said Tuesday.

Yes he makes mistakes and tries to make heroic plays that turns into disaster plays and he has gotten lucky so far but that luck can run out at any second. He needs to buckle up and be better and play at a high level. They need to let him loose and Wilson needs to become the guy they drafted if they want to keep winning football games.

The Jets have obstacles in the upcoming weeks. In the end he is still 23 and still has a lot fo time to develop but there has to be some signs of hope from him with the season going in the positive direction as they're hopeful for playoffs.

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