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Top 10 New York Jets List of 2022

Quinnen Williams. (Via

Well, there was no playoffs again for the NY Jets but you can't say they don't have some young talent on this team. They had four pro-bowlers and one of them was a rookie. Stars are showing up for the Jets and it's something Jets fans can be excited about.

Here are the Top 10 New York Jets in 2022:

  1. Sauce Gardner- Well he needs no introduction. Sauce Gardner as a rookie has showed himself to be one of the best corners in the NFL. He is someone that is being compared to Darrelle Revis and that is saying something. Gardner has went up against the best wideouts in the league and shut them down all season. The promise there is with Gardner is something special and has a good chance to win defensive rookie of the year with his performance.

  2. Quinnen Williams- Williams has had injuries but this year he proved everyone wrong with his play. His presence was felt every step of the way as he was showing his dominance on the stat sheet as well. Williams recorded 12 sacks on the season and has earned the contract he will be seeking this offseason.

  3. Garrett Wilson- Speaking of rookies, what a year for Garrett Wilson! He had to work with three quarterbacks but was just dominant. He eclipsed a 1,000 yard season as a rookie and has shown his explosive playmaking ability. He was a bright spot on a very dull offensive showing this year and the Jets might have their number one receiver who is in the running for offensive rookie of the year.

  4. DJ Reed- Reed's presence was overlooked with Gardner but this duo can compete for the best cornerback duo in the NFL. These two were lockdown all season and Reed is believed to be snubbed by many because he was simply remarkable.

  5. CJ Mosley- Jets fans finally got to see Mosley play a full season and he made some mistakes but he was dominant all season. He showed a lot of poise and he got his selection to the Pro Bowl. He finally showed what the Jets signed him for to do and Jets fans gotta be happy from what they saw.

  6. Justin Hardee- Hardee is another Jets pro bowler as he showed how consistent he is on special teams. Hardee was consistent all year and there is a reason he is a captain. He is a leader and Hardee finally got the recognition he deserves.

  7. Breece Hall- This is hard thing to talk about because people around the NFL believe if Hall stayed healthy all season, the Jets would be in the playoffs. Yes, Hall is that good. He is ranked low because of his injury but his impact on this team was missed. Hall was a game changer as he missed more than half the season and still put better numbers up than any running back on roster. He had a chance for rookie of the year as well with the pace he was in. The silver lining is that the Jets have a game changer player in Hall coming back next year.

  8. Alijah Vera-Tucker- Speaking of game changer, Vera-Tucker was missed as much as Hall. He was the heart and soul of the offensive line and it wasn't even close. After he got hurt, the season went down the drain. The Jets will get him back next year as he is proven to be a big piece for this offense who can play multiple positions on the line at a high level.

  9. Quincy Williams- Williams isn't as great as his brother but he gives people a thought. Williams has shown his speed an presence all year. His play making ability was incredible and was able to make tough plays all year.

  10. Bam Knight- Lastly, it has to be the hidden talent of Bam Knight. After Hall went down, Jets had to find some type of offense. Well Knight isn't Hall but he is an undrafted rookie that came out to be very valuable piece for the offense. He was hidden talent that was found by Douglas and he displayed it when he got a chance.

Honorable Mentions: Sheldon Rankins, Bryce Huff, Greg Zuerlein, Carl Lawson

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